Top 8 secrets of Spy x Family

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Spy x Family follows the story of master spy, Twilight, who is on a mission to infiltratethe world’s most powerful organization. In order to do so, he must create a fake family and gain their trust. However, as he gets to know them better, he starts to care for them and jeopardizes his mission. In Spy x Family, all the chracters have their own secrets that they’re hiding. Here are the top 8 secrets of the main characters in Spy x Family.

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1. Twilight’s true identity is a secret to everyone, even his “family”.

Twilight is actually a world-renowned spy who goes by the alias “Loid Forger”. He is one of the best in his field and has completed many dangerous missions. However, his current mission is by far the most difficult one yet. In order to infiltrate the target organization, he must create a fake family and gain their trust. This means that he has to keep his true identity a secret from everyone, even the people he’s supposed to be closest to.

2. Anya is not who she seems.

Anya is Twilight’s “wife” and the mother of his child, Lila. She is actually an assassin who was hired by Twilight’s employer to keep an eye on him. However, she starts to have second thoughts about her job when she starts to care for Twilight and Lila.

3. Lila is not Twilight’s biological daughter.

Lila is the “daughter” of Twilight and Anya. However, she is not actually Twilight’s biological child. She is a orphan who was adopted by Twilight and Anya in order to further their cover story.

4. Sandy is more than just a nanny.

Sandy is the nanny of Lila and the person who helps Twilight with his undercover mission. However, she is also a skilled hacker and has a secret past that she’s not ready to reveal just yet.

5. Tracy isn’t as innocent as she seems.

Tracy is one of Twilight’s co-workers and is in charge of the organization’s finances. However, she is also embezzling money from the organization and is using Twilight to cover her tracks.

6. Mr. Tanida is hiding something.

Mr. Tanida is the head of the organization that Twilight is infiltrating. He seems like a kind and caring man, but he’s actually hiding a dark secret.

7. Donya has a secret past.

Donya is Twilight’s boss and the woman who gave him his current mission. She seems tough and no-nonsense, but she’s actually hiding a tragic secret from her past.

8. The organization is not what it seems.

The organization that Twilight is infiltrating is not what it seems. It’s actually a front for a much more sinister operation that they’re planning.

These are the top 8 secrets of the main characters in Spy x Family. What other secrets are they hiding? Read the manga to find out!

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