Top 6 albums released by Cody Johnson

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Cody Johnson is widely regarded as one of the most influential country music singers in recent years. His unique sound and captivating lyrics have drawn fans from all over the world, making him one of the biggest names in the genre. Johnson has released six studio albums since 2008, each one with its own distinctive style and charm.

tai xuong

1. Six Strings and the Truth (2008):

Johnson’s debut album was a collection of traditional country songs, showcasing his passion for the genre and ability to craft timeless melodies. It featured hits such as “Six Strings and the Truth”, “When I Get to Heaven” and “The Only Reason I Sing”. This album won him many fans and cemented his position as an upcoming star in the industry.

2. A Different Day (2010):

This album was a more modern take on country music, with Johnson exploring new sonic territories while still staying true to his roots. Highlights included “A Little More Love”, “Put Your Lovin’ On Me” and the hit single “The Change”. The album was met with positive reviews from critics, who praised its musical evolution compared to previous efforts.

3. Cowboy Like Me (2013):

Cowboy Like Me saw Johnson experimenting with different sounds and instruments, giving the album a unique flavor that quickly endeared it to listeners. Notable songs included “Sunday Morning”, “That’s How I Know It’s You” and “Country Must Be Country Wide”. This album was well-received by critics and fans alike, with many considering it one of his best works to date.

4. Gotta Be Me (2016):

This album was a return to traditional country music for Johnson, with many of its tracks paying homage to the genre’s forefathers such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. It featured hits like “With You I Am’, “Dance Her Home” and “Dance in the Rain”. The album was praised for its lyrical depth and warm production, further establishing Johnson as a major force in the scene.

5. Ain’t Nothin’ to It (2019):

This album saw Johnson exploring different music styles while still retaining his signature sound. Tracks like “Nothin’ on You”, “On My Way to You” and “Dear Rodeo” showcased his versatility and became instant fan favorites. The album was met with positive reviews from critics and fans alike, making it one of his most successful projects to date.

6. Ain’t Nothing Like Us (2021):

Johnson’s latest effort is yet another exploration of various musical genres, ranging from traditional country to rock and pop. Notable tracks include “Wish You Were Here”, “Long Haired Country Boy” and the title track “Ain’t Nothing Like Us”. The album is a testament to Johnson’s songwriting skills and broad appeal, making it an essential listen for fans of all ages.

Cody Johnson has established himself as one of the most talented country music singers of his generation with these six studio albums. His passion for creating captivating melodies and lyrics shines through in each record, making them required listening for any fan of modern country music. With more music on the horizon, Cody Johnson looks set to continue his success story for many years to come.


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