Top 5 secrets of Lisa – BlackPink


BlackPink is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of four members: Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo. They debuted on August 8, 2016 with the single album “Square One”. Her talent , beauty, and success have made her one of the most popular members of BlackPink.


1. Lisa is known for her incredible dancing skills.

Lisa is a powerful dancer and is known for her impressive dance skills. She was a JYP trainee before moving to YG Entertainment, and she has won numerous dance competitions.

2. Lisa is the only member of BlackPink who is not Korean.

Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand and can speak Thai, English, and Korean fluently. Her mother is Thai-Chinese and her father is Belgian-Dutch.

3. Lisa is a model for the popular fashion brand, Celine.

Lisa has been announced as the new face of Celine’s 2019 Spring-Summer collection. She joins models such as Gisele Bundchen and Bella Hadid as a Celine ambassador.

4. Lisa is an avid animal lover and has two pet cats.

Lisa is a self-proclaimed animal lover and has two pet cats, Leo and Blanket. She often posts pictures and videos of her cats on her Instagram account.

5. Lisa is a foodie and loves to cook.

Lisa loves to eat and try new foods from all over the world. She is also a talented cook and frequently posts pictures and videos of her home-cooked meals on her Instagram account.

6. Lisa is a huge fan of the Korean boy group, BTS.

Lisa is a self-proclaimed Army, the official name for fans of BTS. She has said that she loves all of the members of BTS and that she is a big fan of their music.

7. Lisa is a talented photographer.

Lisa has an eye for photography and often posts pictures that she has taken on her Instagram account. Her skills were even acknowledged by the popular photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

8. Lisa is a successful model and has graced the cover of many magazines.

Lisa has modeled for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Givenchy, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs. She has also been featured on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazines.

9. Lisa is a member of the global pop group, UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited Youth Council.

Lisa was appointed as a member of UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited Youth Council in 2018. The council is made up of young people from all over the world who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities.

10. Lisa is an inspiring role model for young girls all over the world.

Lisa is a strong and independent woman who has achieved great success at a young age. She is an inspiration to girls all over the world who are pursuing their dreams.

Lisa is a talented, hardworking, and successful young woman who has accomplished a lot in her short career. She is an inspiration to many and is proof that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.

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