Top 5 secrets about Bon Clay – one of the most underrated characters

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One piece is a story that has been going on for more than two decades now, and in that time, there have been a lot of characters who have come and gone. Some of them are very popular, while others tend to get forgotten about. Bon Clay is one of those characters who tends to get forgotten about, even though he’s actually a really interesting character. Here are the top five secrets about Bon Clay that you probably didn’t know.

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1. He was originally designed to be a comic relief character

When Eiichiro Oda was first creating Bon Clay, he intended for him to be nothing more than a comic relief character. He wasn’t meant to be important to the story or to have any sort of development. However, as the story progressed, Oda decided that Bon Clay was too interesting of a character to just be used for laughs, so he gave him a more prominent role.

2. He’s based on a real life person

Bon Clay is actually based on a real life person: comedian and actor Masaki Suda. Suda is a big fan of One Piece, and he even voiced Bon Clay in the Japanese anime. It’s no wonder that Oda was inspired by Suda when creating Bon Clay’s character, as they both share a similar outgoing and comedic personality.

3. He has a unique fighting style

Bon Clay has a very unique fighting style that combines acrobatics with comedy. He often uses his flexibility and agility to perform hilarious and dangerous stunts in battle, much to the amusement of his opponents (and sometimes even his allies). While his fighting style might not be the most effective, it’s certainly one of the most entertaining to watch.

4. He’s had some major changes over the years

Bon Clay has undergone some pretty significant changes since he was first introduced in the series. Originally, he was a member of the Baroque Works organization, but he later joined the Straw Hat Pirates and became one of their closest friends. His hairstyle has also changed multiple times throughout the course of the series, from dreadlocks to a mohawk to his current afro.

5. He’s one of the few characters to have died and been resurrected

Bon Clay is one of the few characters in One Piece who has actually died and been resurrected. He was killed by Bartholomew Kuma during the Marineford War, but he was later brought back to life by the power of the SMILE fruit. This makes him one of the only characters in the series to have come back from the dead, which is a pretty big deal.

Despite being a relatively minor character, Bon Clay is actually one of the most interesting and complex characters in One Piece. He’s gone through some major changes over the years, and he has a unique fighting style that sets him apart from other characters. If you’re a fan of One Piece, then you should definitely check out some of the secrets about Bon Clay that you probably didn’t know.

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