TOP 5 historical achievements of racer Kevin Magnussen


Kevin Magnussen has had a long and successful career as a racer. He has achieved many successes, and here are his top five greatest achievements:

1. In 2014, Kevin won the Formula Renault 3.5 championship with DAMS Racing.

This was his first major racing title, which he earned by winning seven out of fourteen races in the season. Kevin Magnussen also set a record for the most points won in a season, with 360. He was the first Danish driver to win this championship.

2. In 2016, Kevin was crowned the winner of the GT Asia Series in China.

He won five out of eight races and had a total of 150 points at the end of the season. This was a major accomplishment as it showed his versatility in racing different types of cars on multiple tracks around the world.

3. In 2017, he earned a podium finish at his first 24 Hours of Le Mans race with Jackie Chan DC Racing team.

This is one of the most prestigious endurance events in motorsport and has been held annually since 1923. With this achievement, Kevin became only the second Danish driver to make it onto the podium after Jan Magnussen did it in 2004.

4. In 2019, Kevin won the Danish Touring Car Championship with Münnich Motorsport.

This was his first major touring car title and he achieved it by winning six races and amassing a total of 154 points over the course of the season. This victory made him the most successful driver in the history of this championship.

5. Most recently, Kevin Magnussen became one of only three drivers to finish on every podium for an entire Formula E season.

He did so with Mahindra Racing in 2021, becoming only the second ever driver (after Jean-Eric Vergne) to accomplish this feat. It is a testament to his skill as an all-rounder who can adapt to any car, track and racing series.

Overall, these five achievements demonstrate the level of skill, versatility and focus that Kevin Magnussen has achieved in his successful career as a racer. He is truly one of the most talented drivers in motorsports today.

These five major accomplishments highlight the high level of skill, versatility and focus that Kevin Magnussen has achieved throughout his storied career in motorsports. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented drivers on the circuit today and his list of achievements speaks for itself. Looking ahead into the future, it will be exciting to see what other successes he achieves in this competitive field. No matter what happens, these five moments will always remain among the crowning highlights of Kevin’s career.

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