TOP 10 secrets – the key to Aaron Judge’s success

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Aaron Judge has been one of the most successful young players in Major League Baseball over the last few years. Here are 10 reasons why:

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1) Judge has an extremely powerful swing that generates a lot of bat speed.

Aaron Judge’s power allows him to hit the ball extremely hard, which is evident by his high home run totals. In 2017, Judge hit 52 home runs, which was the most by any player in a single season in Yankees history.

2) Judge is extremely disciplined at the plate and has a great understanding of the strike zone.

One of the main reasons why Judge is such a good hitter is because he doesn’t swing at bad pitches. He had the second-lowest swing percentage on pitches outside the strike zone among all qualified hitters in 2017. This led to him posting a very good .422 on-base percentage.

3) Judge has outstanding hand-eye coordination, which allows him to make a lot of contact for a power hitter.

Even though Judge hits the ball hard, he doesn’t strike out as much as you would expect. In 2017, he struck out in just 27.8% of his plate appearances, which was better than the league average.

4) Judge is a very good athlete with great speed for a player his size.

At 6’7″, 282 pounds, Judge is one of the biggest players in MLB. Despite his size, Judge is actually a very good athlete. He’s been clocked running the 60-yard dash in 6.48 seconds, which is very fast for a player his size.

5) Judge has a strong work ethic and is always looking to improve.

Judge isn’t satisfied with just being a good player. He’s constantly working to get better and improve his game. After hitting just .179 in his rookie season, Judge worked hard to make adjustments and improved his batting average to .284 the following year.

6) Judge is a good fielder and has a strong arm.

In addition to being a good hitter, Judge is also a very good defender. He has the ability to play all three outfield positions well and has one of the strongest arms in baseball. In 2017, he had 12 outfield assists, which was the most among all MLB outfielders.

7) Judge is a great team leader and is respected by his teammates.

Judge is one of the leaders on the Yankees and is respected by his teammates for the way he goes about his business. He’s a hard worker and a good role model for the younger players on the team.

8) Judge is very popular with fans and is one of the faces of the Yankees.

Judge is extremely popular with Yankees fans and is quickly becoming one of the faces of the franchise. His popularity was evident by the fact that he received the most All-Star votes of any player in 2017.

9) Judge has already won several awards, including Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

In just his second season in the majors, Judge won AL Rookie of the Year after hitting .284 with 52 home runs and 114 RBIs. He followed that up by winning AL MVP in 2018 after hitting .278 with 27 home runs and 85 RBIs.

10) Judge is still just 27 years old and has a lot of room to improve.

Judge is still young and has a lot of room to get better. He’s already one of the best players in baseball and there’s a good chance he’ll only get better in the years to come.

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