7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the best basketball players in the world and his illustrious career is filled with amazing accomplishments. He has won two NBA championships, three NBA MVP awards, and accumulated an impressive list of records. But there are also some lesser-known facts about the Golden State Warriors superstar that may surprise even the most diehard fans. Here are six secrets you didn’t know about Stephen Curry:

1. He was originally rejected by Virginia Tech – Before attending Davidson College, Stephen Curry had his sights set on Virginia Tech but he didn’t make the cut and was ultimately rejected by the school’s coach.

2. He has a unique pre-game ritual – As one of basketball’s superstars, it’s no surprise that Stephen Curry has an interesting pre-game routine to get ready for each game day. His specific ritual involves a foam

3. He was instrumental in creating the first ever professional Under Armour basketball shoe, the Curry One. This shoe set a new standard for performance footwear, which has been adopted by many other top athletes since its debut.

4. On April 4th 2016, he became just the third player in NBA history to make 400 three-pointers in a single season – joining only Reggie Miller and Ray Allen who had previously achieved this feat.

5. His dad, Dell Curry played sixteen seasons in the NBA before him and Stephen credited him for being a major influence on his basketball skills.

6. He has played for the Golden State Warriors since 2009 and is a two-time NBA MVP (2015 & 2016).

5. Stephen Curry was the first NBA player to be featured in an Under Armour advertisement during the 2014 playoffs, which marked a major shift in sports marketing techniques.

7. He is one of the most philanthropic athletes in professional sports today – having established The Eat Learn Play Foundation which focuses on providing meals and educational opportunities to children living in underserved communities across Oakland, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The accomplishments of Stephen Curry are truly remarkable, and these lesser-known facts make up just a small part of who he is as a person and an athlete. It’s no wonder that he is one of the most recognizable faces in all of sports!

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