7 little-known secrets about the Phoenix Suns Basketball Team


The Phoenix Suns Basketball Team is an NBA powerhouse that has been thrilling fans since 1968. But, did you know that they have a few secrets of their own? Here are seven little-known facts about the Phoenix Suns:


1) The team’s original name was the “Scorching Suns”.

The name was later changed to the less flammable Phoenix Suns when the franchise relocated to Arizona in 1968. This name change is believed to be the result of The Arizona Republic newspaper’s headline about the move, which declared that “Phoenix Rises from the Ashes”.

2) Since becoming a part of the NBA in 1968, the Phoenix Suns have never won an NBA Championship.

Despite their lack of championship success, they have had numerous playoff appearances and deep playoff runs. In 1993, they reached their first ever NBA Finals where they eventually lost to the Chicago Bulls 4-2.

3) The mascot of the Phoenix Suns is called “The Gorilla”.

This lovable primate was originally hired as an entertainer for games in 1980, but he quickly became a beloved figure throughout the team and its fanbase. He was given the official title of “The Gorilla” in 1988.

4) The Suns have had 10 players inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

They are Charles Barkley, Pat Riley, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Paul Westphal, Gail Goodrich, Connie Hawkins, Alvan Adams, Joe Johnson, Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle.

5) The Phoenix Suns have their own signature style of play known as “the seven-second offense”.

This style of basketball involves a quick pace with constant movement from all five players on the court in order to find offensive opportunities within seven seconds or less. This strategy was created by former head coach Cotton Fitzsimmons and has been a staple of the Phoenix Suns playbook since the 1980s.

6) The team’s colors are purple, orange and charcoal gray.

These colors were chosen to represent the desert landscape of Arizona, with the purple representing a desert sunset, the orange symbolizing sand dunes and charcoal gray standing for mountains.

7) The team’s official song is “Rise Up” by 2 Chainz featuring Drake and Quavo.

This uplifting anthem was chosen as part of an initiative to modernize the franchise in 2017. It has become a fan favorite over the years, being played during home games at Talking Stick Resort Arena and on social media platforms.

The Phoenix Suns organization has decades of history behind them and countless fans across the world. These seven little-known facts only scratch the surface of this incredible team’s story. From their first name change to their signature style of play, there is much more to learn about the Phoenix Suns Basketball Team.

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