15 fun facts about Marvel’s Doctor Strange

15 fun facts about Marvels Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, and there are plenty of interesting facts about him that fans might not know.

Here are 15 fun facts about Doctor Strange!

1. Doctor Strange’s real name is Stephen Vincent Strange, and he was born in Greenwich Village, New York City.

2. Strange is a former neurosurgeon who lost the use of his hands in a car accident. He sought out mystical help and eventually became the Sorcerer Supreme, Earth’s primary defender against magical and mystical threats.

3. Doctor Strange made his first comic book appearance in 1963’s “Strange Tales” #110, which was written by Stan Lee and illustrated by Steve Ditko.

4. Doctor Strange’s signature look – the blue cloak, red gloves and amulet – was inspired by the 1930s pulp character The Shadow.

Marvels Doctor Strange

5. Doctor Strange is one of the few Marvel characters who uses real magic spells, many of which are based on actual occult texts like the “Necronomicon.”

6. Doctor Strange’s home, the Sanctum Santorum, is located on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village – the same street where Marvel Comics was once headquartered.

7. The Sanctum Santorum is protected by three powerful magical spells: the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, the Wards of Watoomb and the Winds of Watoomb.

8. Doctor Strange’s most famous enemy is Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension. Dormammu is a powerful being who regularly attempts to invade and conquer Earth.

9. Doctor Strange has been a member of several notable Marvel teams, including the Avengers, the Defenders and the Midnight Sons.

10. Doctor Strange was featured in two episodes of the 1978 “Spider-Man” animated series, voiced by Peter Renaday.

11. Doctor Strange played a significant role in the 2007 crossover event “Annihilation: Conquest,” in which he battled the super-powered aliens known as the Phalanx.

12. Doctor Strange was portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2016 Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Doctor Strange.”

13. In the MCU, Doctor Strange’s costume is slightly different than his traditional look, most notably lacking the red gloves.

14. In the 2017 film “Thor: Ragnarok,” Doctor Strange used a spell to transport Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to the Sanctum Santorum.

15. Doctor Strange will next be seen in the 2018 film “Avengers: Infinity War,” which will see him teaming up with the Avengers to take on Thanos (Josh Brolin).


Doctor Strange is one of the most fascinating and powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. If you’re a fan of his, or just want to learn more about him, we hope you enjoyed these fun facts. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for even more information on all things Marvel! And if you’re looking for some Doctor Strange merchandise to show your fandom, be sure to visit our online store. Thanks for reading!

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